5 Essential Features for Your Privacy Program

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Compliance can be a challenge, but It doesn’t have to be. Thanks to new technology solutions, growing businesses can easily manage privacy programs with smaller teams and limited budgets.   

But how do you get started? Here are our top essential features that you should consider when looking for privacy and security software, and how OneTrust Pro can help.  

Fully Embedded Compliance Research 

The foundation of any privacy program is knowing which laws apply to you. It can be hard to stay ahead of the curve when the privacy landscape keeps changing, and staying on top of the regional laws and regulations you need to comply with is essential.  

How OneTrust Pro Helps: OneTrust Pro Research & Readiness allows you to leverage the world’s most up-to-date database of regulatory research, OneTrust DataGuidance. With DataGuidance’s comparisons, expert insight, and personalized newsletters, along with other tools to help you benchmark your program’s performance against similar businesses in your industry, OneTrust Pro offers the most comprehensive research solution for SMEs and smaller privacy teams looking to maintain privacy and security compliance. 

Pre-Built Templates 

While keeping up to date with privacy laws is a must for any teamunderstanding the risk that internal processes and third-parties present is just as important. With time already at a premium for smaller privacy teams, pre-built templates for PIAs and DPIAs can be a valuable feature of compliance software.  

How OneTrust Pro Helps: OneTrust Pro Privacy & Security Governance gives you access to a library of pre-built risk assessment templates, which you can trust thanks to OneTrust DataGuidance’s worldclass research. The templates, built by Onetrust’s in-house analyst, are also configurable with rule-based workflows purposebuilt for incident response and security risk management and saving you time and effort. 

Out-of-the-Box Workflows & Integrations 

Ensuring compliance is timeconsuming, so look for technology with automated workflows and integrations explicitly designed to streamline your efforts. This helps limited resources go further and saves you and your team the trouble of building your own from the ground up.  

How OneTrust Pro Helps: OneTrust Pro comes with all the workflows you need to get started right away. We also have pre-built integrations into the apps, service providers, and third-party vendors you need to connect with.  We also offer Quick-Start Implementation to speed up your time to deployment, reduce your time configuring software, and grow your business.  

Easy-to-Read Reports & Dashboards 

Pulling in-depth reports on your privacy program’s performance can also be a significant benefit to smaller privacy teams looking to justify their spending and get buy-in from senior management and the board. You should know how fast you’ve responded to privacy rights requests, the clickthrough rates of cookie banners, and other essential privacy metrics at a glance.  

How OneTrust Pro Helps: OneTrust Pro Privacy Requests & Notices enables you to pull detailed, full-audit reports for each data subject request you receive, it provides you with easytoread reports for demonstrating compliance to senior management and supervisory authorities. 

Robotic Automation & Artificial Intelligence 

Developing and maintaining a privacy program as a growing business is no small task. Still, compliance software that offers a wide range of automation, and intelligent tools that can suggest improvements to your program, can add real value to your privacy program for the whole business.  

How OneTrust Pro helps: OneTrust Athena’s AI and robotic automation replaces manual tasks with outofthebox automation and intelligent recommendations powered by OneTrust DataGuidance’s in-depth research that will help you maintain a firstclass program with confidence and ease. 

BONUS: Budget-Friendly Pricing 

Have we mentioned that building a privacy program on an SME budget can be a challenge? There are many privacy and security compliance solutions available on the market, but only one can be deployed with your budget in mind.  

How OneTrust Pro Helps: OneTrust Pro offers a fully customizable solution that lets you scale functionality at a rate that suits you. In-app wizards and intuitive user interfaces mean that you can be up and running with OneTrust Pro’s privacy and security software in a matter of hours. OneTrust Pro also allows you to select what modules you need for your use case, and you will never pay for tools you don’t need.   

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