Meet Your Newest Team Member: OneTrust Athena™

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Continued compliance with global privacy and security laws and frameworks is no small task, especially for growing businesses. As regulations develop, your compliance program must evolve too, and artificial intelligence can help take your privacy, security, and trust program to the next level. OneTrust is excited to introduce OneTrust Athena™, artificial intelligence and robotic automation engine that helps to simplify and automate your privacy and security program.


OneTrust Athena is the newest addition to your privacy and security team. She brings AI, machine learning, predictive intelligence, and robotic automation capabilities to the OneTrust Pro platform to enhance your compliance program. Using intelligent insights, Athena can help your growing business:

  • Discover and classify data
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Streamline complex workflows
  • Flag risks and suggest remediation actions based on the context of that data
  • Suggest program improvements to simplify compliance across your business

But that’s not all. Athena is intelligent. The more you leverage OneTrust Pro, the smarter she gets. Using the information your teams put into OneTrust Pro, the data Athena automatically discovers, and regulatory insights from OneTrust DataGuidance, Athena can learn to classify data, flag risks, and recommend contextual controls more accurately based on your business and compliance program. She continuously works for your business by automating processes, workflows, and manual tasks, leaving you and your team time to focus on critical and high priority tasks.


OneTrust Pro is a simple, scalable, and easy-to-use compliance solution that helps growing businesses build a mature privacy program and maintain a holistic view of their data and workflows. Athena integrates across the entire OneTrust Pro platform and supports various initiatives based on your use case. So, let’s look at a few examples below to demonstrate precisely how Athena helps across the OneTrust Pro Platform:

Eliminate and Replace Manual Tasks with Automation

  • Privacy Rights Requests. Automate privacy rights requests by telling Athena which manual tasks you require for fulfillment using the drag-and-drop automation builder. When a request is submitted, Athena routes them through your pre-defined workflows, eliminating the need for your privacy team to get involved. Athena can verify identities, flag exceptions, access or act on the requestor’s data in other systems and suggest responses to send to the individual. Athena even makes data discovery and deletion easy by using OneTrust Pro DataDiscovery to know what data is in what system and how it links to processing activities and vendors
  • Privacy Assessments and DPIAs. As a growing business, you may not be an expert on the requirements around DPIAs. Still, through OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence, Athena helps to fill the gap. Athena knows all the whitelists, blacklists, and guidance on DPIAs. Since she’s also plugged into OneTrust Pro Data Mapping, she understands all your processing activities. All this knowledge combined helps Athena to predict high-risk processing activities accurately and suggest where DPIAs are required.
  • Vendor Management. Athena is continuously monitoring your vendor inventory to stay up to date on vendor details and associated contract terms. As you engage with new and existing vendors, tell Athena how close to contract expiration you want to initiate renewal or onboarding processes. She will automatically notify your team or send the vendor assessment at the time you’ve specified. Not all vendors are the same, so procedures may differ based on vendor type, risk level, or any other combination of vendor details – no problem! With Athena, you’ll be ready to handle any business requirements.

Make Decisions and Act Faster with Intelligent Recommendations

  • Data Breaches. Leverage intelligence insights from Athena to quickly identify and report data breaches to regulatory authorities and stay up to date on the latest breach notification requirements. Leveraging DataGuidance’s mapping of global breach laws, Athena can help you de-duplicate requirements across affected jurisdictions and automate notification guidance to streamline your breach response plan.
  • Program Improvements. As your business continues to grow, you need to ensure that you’re continually developing and improve your privacy compliance program. Athena takes the guesswork out of this process by providing recommendations for improvement powered by intelligence from OneTrust DataGuidance. Based on the country you operate in and the standards and frameworks you use, Athena can reference and de-duplicate the requirements of hundreds of regulations, standards, and frameworks. Then, using what she knows about your program and your use of OneTrust Pro, or using the information you’ve directly input into OneTrust Pro Maturity & Planning, she can suggest which initiatives you should prioritize to advance your program’s maturity.
  • Suggested Controls. Athena links to OneTrust DataGuidance, which has same-day support for updates to regulations and compliance standards and frameworks. Athena also connects to the OneTrust Pro IT & Security Risk Management module to keep track of the historical trends of your program’s risk, control, threat, and vulnerability data. Based on this knowledge, when a new risk is flagged, Athena can suggest the recommended controls and compensating controls best suited to your program and that mitigation.

…And More!

  • Keep Collection Points Up to Date. Your growing business may struggle to keep track of each one of your data collection points across your web properties. With OneTrust Pro’s website scanning solution, you can scan, track, and manage all your collection points in a centralized location. Athena then recommends consent collection points based on these scans that you should create or update in the OneTrust Pro Universal Consent module along with the data elements collected, the form’s hosting location, the policy used, and more.

Growing businesses face an uphill battle when starting and developing their privacy program, but with a compliance solution like OneTrust Pro and support from OneTrust Athena’s AI and automation, small and mid-size businesses can confidently build a mature compliance program and improve privacy and security across the organization.

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