OneTrust Pro Tips: Take Readiness to the Next Level with Privacy Training

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The GDPR was a turning point in the context of privacy and data protection, as it potentially represented the first time many organizations realized the necessity of privacy programs. The training provisions set out under the GDPR are mirrored in many emerging global privacy laws, such as the CCPA and the LGPD. Despite global obligations for privacy training, the emergence of more regional laws means it is not just global enterprises that need to build privacy training to ensure compliance.

For growing businesses, resources can often be limited, making global compliance with privacy regulations a challenge, but this is where a strong privacy training program can help. Privacy training for growing businesses can help build essential privacy practices into the very fabric of the company’s operations, creating a privacy-first culture and enriching the performance of the privacy program. Furthermore, OneTrust Pro Awareness Training offers courses that are tailored to different functions right across the business, meaning teams such as sales, marketing, and HR can all benefit from an understanding of privacy law relevant to their role.

A privacy training program serves not only to meet specific legal obligations but can also help to improve the performance of the privacy program as a whole, in turn, developing your brand reputation and building trust with customers. We’ve outlined our 3 top tips for building a privacy awareness training program.

3 Tips for Setting Up Privacy Awareness Training Programs

Establish the Specific Requirements in the Jurisdictions That You Operate

Understanding the training obligations that your business needs to meet is essential in ensuring compliance within the jurisdictions that you operate in. Privacy training for mid-market businesses is likely to incorporate requirements across multiple territories. Therefore a good understanding of your obligations will help to streamline your efforts.

Understand the Gaps in Your Privacy Policy

Using OneTrust Pro, you can quickly implement and monitor your compliance and security program as well as benchmarking performance against other companies within your region, industry, or size, allowing you to grasp the areas that tailored training courses could enhance. The easy-to-use compliance tools within OneTrust Pro Maturity & Planning and OneTrust Pro Program Benchmarking also help to focus the processes of your compliance program, making them more efficient and allowing your team the capacity to focus on improving your program.

Select the Appropriate Training Courses from OneTrust Pro Awareness Training

Setting up a privacy training program has never been easier with OneTrust Pro Awareness Training, simply deploy the easy to access, SCORM-compliant files with OneTrust Pro, or integrate into your existing Learning Management System (LMS). The 30+ role-based courses are available in multiple languages that Awareness Training offers can not only help you meet your privacy training obligations, but also improve privacy awareness in all functions across the company.

Learn more about how OneTrust Pro and OneTrust Pro Awareness Training can take your organization’s compliance and security program to the next level or register for one of over 60 free-to-attend virtual PrivacyConnect events hosted by OneTrust.

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