Introducing OneTrust DataDiscovery: Discovery & Classification for Growing Businesses

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Today, data is everywhere. Whether in the cloud or across your on-premise systems, data drives the economy, technology, and your business. Understanding the data you have and how it’s used is a key step in developing and implementing an effective privacy and security program. However, with so much data stored in so many places, it can be challenging to keep up with, especially for growing businesses.

Think about it.

As your business continues to grow, you continue to collect more data. You also continue to hire more people, onboard more IT systems and have a higher risk of “shadow IT” from those employees. Not only is your internal environment changing, but the regulations and standards that you work to comply with are constantly evolving, as well.

If you don’t know what data you have and what laws apply to that data, how can you secure and protect it? If a person requests to access their data, how can you ensure an adequate response without understanding what data links to that individual? How can you keep track of how your data is shared across systems, apps, and third (…fourth…and fifth…) parties?

Answering these questions and streamlining these processes can prove difficult and time-consuming. But, today, OneTrust is launching OneTrust DataDiscovery™ to help growing businesses simplify and automate the data discovery process.

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OneTrust DataDiscovery enables growing businesses to find their systems and discover data within, automate the fulfillment of privacy rights requests, and use this knowledge to simplify compliance. The technology is integrated across the OneTrust Pro apps to simplify privacy requests, incident response, IT risk management, and more. OneTrust DataDiscovery helps your business:

  1. Find Your Data. Locate all your systems and data assets, and auto-populate this information into dynamic data inventories.
  2. Discover, Categorize, and Classify Your Data. Leverage over 500 out-of-the-box connectors to discover the data in each system
  3. Link Data to People. Link personal data to individuals’ identities to understand where all the data for that individual is held throughout your business.
  4. Fulfill Privacy Rights Requests. Automate the completion of privacy rights requests (access, deletion, and more) from intake to fulfillment.
  5. Comply with Global Regulations. Comply with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPA, and others with compliance reports and visuals, suggestions from OneTrust Pro DataGuidance Research Portal, consent records linking, intelligent breach notification, and more.



If you’re like other growing businesses, manually searching through each system to locate your data consumes a considerable amount of your time and resources. OneTrust DataDiscovery helps you automate these processes to free up you and your team to focus on more mission-critical tasks. When paired with OneTrust Pro DataGuidance and OneTrust Athena™ AI, not only will OneTrust DataDiscovery help you “know your data”, but will also ensure that you “know the laws” that apply to your data, and use that knowledge to automate compliance across your privacy and security program. These three technologies create the intelligent core of the OneTrust Pro platform and are built into each of our apps to support a maturing compliance program.

OneTrust DataGuidance supports growing business by:

Simplifying System Integrations

OneTrust DataDiscovery comes with hundreds of pre-built connectors to help you categorize and classify data across all systems. If you need a connection outside of the 500+ out-of-the-box system integrations, OneTrust DataDiscovery comes with an easy-to-use, self-service connection builder.

Analyzing Your Data Across Laws and Standards

Leveraging OneTrust DataGuidance regulatory research, the OneTrust Athena AI bot can help you automatically flag risk, make intelligent suggestions, and automate processes based on your data and the ever-changing regulatory environment. 

Automatically Generating Compliance Reporting and Visuals

Discovered data automatically maps into your data inventories and can be easily supplemented by automated assessments to give you a full picture of your data. Reports like GDPR Art. 30 and data lineage diagrams can be generated with the click of a button.

Streamlining Privacy Rights Requests

One of the main reasons that growing businesses need to automate data discovery is to respond to a privacy rights request by a customer or employee. OneTrust Pro helps streamline the request process from intake to fulfillment, including automatically discovering, pseudonymizing, or deleting an individual’s data upon request.


OneTrust Pro is the #1 most widely used solution to help growing businesses operationalize their privacy and security programs to comply with global privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, and security standards like ISO 27001, NIST, and many more. OneTrust DataDiscovery seamlessly integrates across the OneTrust Pro solutions to help simplify and automate these processes, giving your team more time to focus on keeping your growing business growing!



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