Simplified Solution to Streamline CCPA Implementation

CCPA Research & Readiness

Get the latest research, news, and updates on the CCPA and gauge program readiness to stay up-to-date and prepared to meet existing and future requirements.

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

CCPA Privacy Management

Automate and streamline CCPA requirements across consumer requests, consent management, and privacy governance operations.

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

CCPA Professional Services

Work with a dedicated privacy expert to plan and implement a roadmap to meet CCPA requirements using our implementation services and a CCPA readiness check-up.

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

CCPA Global User Community

Connect with peers on best practices, tips and examples for getting started with the CCPA during free PrivacyConnect Workshops via our online user community.

Learn More About OneTrust Pro for CCPA

Check out how OneTrust Pro can help growing businesses operationalize your privacy program to meet CCPA requirements.

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OneTrust Pro Solutions for CCPA Consumer Rights & Opt-Out of Sale

Engage and Respond to Consumer Requests

Streamline Consumer Rights and Do Not Sell Requests

Automate request fulfillment, verify consumers, and track your fulfillment progress against a CCPA-specific 45-day workflow using built-in response templates.

Provide a Transparent User Experience Across Your Website and Mobile App

Keep users up to date on your tracking technologies, enable them to opt-out of the sale of their personal information, and allow them to set their preferences.

Honor User Preferences and Consent Across Systems

Capture and track consent and granular preferences across websites, mobile applications, various systems, and vendors to avoid the unauthorized sale or use of consumer data.

Maintain Up-to-Date Privacy Policies and Notices

Enable your business to easily update, centralize, and distribute CCPA-compliant policies, notices, and disclosures across websites and mobile applications.

OneTrust Pro Solutions for CCPA Privacy Governance

Map Data Flows for Ongoing Compliance

Track Personal Information, Including CCPA Attributes

Track key attributes when mapping information for CCPA compliance and maintain evergreen records of existing customer data to meet look back requirements.

Ensure Business Processes Meet CCPA Requirements

Take advantage of CCPA-specific PIAs and automated risk-flagging capabilities to address gaps in compliance and implement reasonable security procedures and practices.

Meet California Data Breach Notification Requirements

Quickly identify and investigate data breaches using built-in California Data Breach Notification Assessment templates to help remedy violations within the 30-day cure period.

Hold Vendors Accountable to CCPA Obligations

Evaluate, track, and maintain communication with service providers to ensure they honor consumer rights requests for data access and deletion.

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Let one of our privacy solution experts take you on a tour of our purpose-built suite of technology solutions for implementing the CCPA.

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