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OTT Consent - Cloud License - Per Device

With OneTrust OTT integrate a privacy- centric strategy into your streaming applications. Collect and store consent and preferences within Smart TVs, Over-the-top (OTT) applications, and Connected TV (CTV) environments.


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Mobile App Consent

Gain user consent for analytics, advertising and other mobile tracking technologies
Unlimited consent records | Native SDKs for iOS & Android

Universal Consent Management - 25 Million Consumers

Optimize consent rates while ensuring compliance with global regulations and frameworks, engaging with customers across all channels
25 Million data subjects | Unlimited collection points | Unlimited consent records

Preference Management - 25 Million Consumers

Build trust through choice, transparency, and empowered self-service for your customers
Up To 25 Million Data Subjects | Multiple Preference Centers | De-duplication for Customer Identities

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