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Safeguarding consumer privacy and data against modern threats is a top priority as the regulatory landscape continues to evolve. However, following risk management best practices of common security standards and frameworks can be challenging for growing businesses. Using the right combination of privacy, security, and third-party risk tools, small and mid-size businesses can develop a risk and compliance program that can minimize potential risk against consumer privacy, adapt to your needs overtime, and embed risk management into everyday processes and activities. 

With OneTrust Pro Privacy and Security Governance solution, small and mid-size businesses can operationalize their privacy program, monitor third-party data access, and effectively mitigate cyber risks. Using a simple, automated solution and comprehensive assessments, quickly discover, remediate, and monitor risks across the lifecycle of your third-party vendors and streamline incident and breach response.

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Data Mapping

Maintain an evergreen map of data flows and complete records of processing.

OneTrust Pro provides a simple and automated solution for data mapping, designed to help organizations understand the flow of data across their business and address record keeping requirements like Article 30 of the GDPR.

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Privacy Assessment/DPIA

Operationalize Privacy by Design, PIAs, and DPIAs to achieve and maintain compliance.

Utilize an extensive library of configurable assessment templates, built by in-house privacy experts, which can be tailored to fit your specific organizational workflows.

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Vendor Risk Management

Manage vendors, assess and mitigate risk, map data flows and monitor threats.

Manage vendor risk with OneTrust Pro using a centralized and detailed library of information to efficiently assess third-party security and privacy profiles, retrieve pre-completed risk assessments, and monitor third-party risks over time.

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Privacy Incident Response

Meet breach notification rules across global and local regulations.

Leverage breach notification guidance, powered by OneTrust DataGuidance intelligence, and centrally manage incidents, automate tasks, and keep records for notification and compliance with global breach notification laws.

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IT & Security Risk Management

Track, manage and mitigate digital risk across your organization.

Implement and integrate risk management across your business to deliver a complete, measured view of internal and external risks, controls, and action plans.

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Why OneTrust Pro Privacy and Security Governance?

Ease of Use

Leverage a user-friendly interface to assess both internal stakeholders and vendors to gather information and identify risk across your business.

Powerful Reporting

Access and export audit-ready reports with roll-up risk views and interactive dashboards.

Demonstrate Compliance

Display accountability and meet GDPR Article 30 record-keeping requirements.

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