Proactively Prepare Your Small Business for Compliance

Reviewing and updating business processes and technology to meet the requirements of evolving laws and regulations can be a challenge, but with the right combination of resources, training, and tools, small and mid-size businesses can quickly measure their program against privacy and security laws, identify gaps, and create a plan to achieve and maintain compliance.  

With OneTrust Pro Research, Readiness, Training, and Benchmarking solutions, small and mid-size businesses are equipped with the tools needed to better prepare for compliance and keep pace with evolving regulationsAutomatically identify gaps based on guidance from OneTrust DataGuidance and analyze maturity against laws and frameworks across 50+ jurisdictions to help prioritize requirements for an effective compliance plan. 

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DataGuidance Research Portal

Leverage OneTrust’s central repository of research, regulatory guidance, best practices, and news.

OneTrust DataGuidance is the world’s most in-depth and up-to-date privacy and security regulatory research platform and leverages a contributor network of 500 privacy lawyers and over 40 in-house legal researchers, across 300 jurisdictions. 

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Awareness Training

Train employees on privacy compliance requirements and essentials. 

Provide role-based training across departments with over 30 training modules developed by the IAPP and continuously updated to prepare your small business to meet the requirements of the CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD.

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Maturity & Planning

Quickly assess your readiness for compliance with global laws, standards, and other frameworks. 

Prepare for compliance and gain insight into company readiness with built-in readiness assessment templates tailored to assess your small business against privacy and security frameworks, such as the GDPR, CCPA, ISO27001 and more.

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Program Benchmarking

Benchmark your privacy program against similar organizations. 

Benchmark your company’s privacy and security program against other companies by region, size, or industry and demonstrate compliance and accountability as you progress with dynamic self-assessments. 

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Why OneTrust Pro Research, Readiness, Training & Benchmarking?

Comprehensive Assessments & Templates

Access 200+ compliance and certification templates and assessments built by 500 privacy lawyers and regulatory authorities.

Performance Tracking

Stay uptodate with how your company measures up against privacy laws and frameworks, as well as other organizations and generate reports to show progress or gaps. 

Stakeholder Visibility

Provide executive-level insight with clear and detailed reports, dashboards, and KPIs for your board and stakeholders

Detailed Gap Analysis

Gather insight into compliance gaps and overall company readiness

Track Maturity Over Time

Prioritize program improvements and demonstrate progress over time to your board and executives

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