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OneTrust Pro for GDPR

  • Privacy Requests/DSAR

    Manage the full privacy rights (DSAR) request workflow from intake to fulfilment with pre-built workflows and guidance for GDPR with privacy rights requirements.

  • Data Mapping

    Meet the recordkeeping requirements of GDPR Article 30 and obtain a lawful process for transferring personal data outside of the EU, such as the self-certification under the EU-US PrivacyShield.

  • Maturity Planning & Benchmarking

    Assess the maturity of your GDPR privacy, security, and data governance programs and benchmark against similar organizations. Learn where your gaps are and leverage insights to improve your compliance efforts.

  • Vendor Risk Management

    Evaluate and mitigate third-party vendor risk and streamline the completion of vendor risk assessments. Conduct vendor due diligence during onboarding and re-assess existing vendors on a risk-based schedule.

  • Privacy Incident Response

    Develop a systematic process to document, investigate, analyze, and mitigate incidents that have occurred, understand if the incident has resulted in a breach, and determine whether supervisory authority or data subjects should be notified.

  • Cookie Consent

    Proactively address legal requirements by conducting ongoing scans of your websites, and generate customizable cookie banners and preference centers that puts users in control of opting-in and out of tracking.

  • Digital Policy & Notice Management

    Centrally manage and update policies across your digital landscape while eliminating the need for custom coding and manual backend development processes.

OneTrust Pro for CCPA

  • Privacy Requests/DSAR

    Intake & fulfill opt-out of sale & consumer requests and adhere to the 45-day response timeline for consumer requests.

  • Data Mapping

    Map Data Flows & Meet CCPA ‘Look Back’ Requirement.

  • Cookie Consent

    Conduct ongoing scans of your websites and generate customizable cookie banners that puts users in control of opting-in and out of tracking.

    • Consent & Preference Management
      Track Verifiable Consent to Avoid Unauthorized Sale of Consumer Data.
    • Digital Policy & Notice Management
      Adhere to CCPA requirements and review your privacy policies every 12 months.
  • Toll-Free Number

    Automate & Comply with the CCPA’s Toll-Free Requirements.

OneTrust Pro for LGPD

  • Privacy Rights/DSAR

    Automate privacy rights requests with Data Discovery and Robotic Automation.

  • Data Mapping

    Streamline data discovery & classification to build an evergreen data map.

  • Maturity & Benchmarking

    Track and benchmark Your LGPD program maturity.

  • Vendor Risk Management

    Manage internal and vendor risk with PIAs, Privacy by Design, and vendor risk assessments.

  • Privacy Incident Response

    Respond to incidents and comply with LGPD breach notification obligations.

  • Cookie Consent

    Manage Consent, Preferences & Policies Across All Channels.

OneTrust Pro for Schrems II

  • Data Mapping & Vendor Risk Management

    Centrally document and visualize all cross-border transfers, related data importers, and the third countries involved. Take a risk-based approach to prioritize transfers, like those relying on SCCs.

  • Policy & Notice Management

    Generate transparency reports, SCCs, and other privacy documentation with editable templates. Publish policies and notices directly to your website, and maintain changes over time.

  • TIAs & Data Guidance

    Assess third-countries, identify those without adequate protection, and send additional TIAs to vendors as necessary. Access vendor transparency reports, certifications, and pre-filled TIAs from the Exchange.

  • Vendor Risk Management

    Utilize pre-built templates based on the EDPB guidelines to determine the additional supplementary measures that can be adopted to mitigate risks. Track controls implemented and contract updates against the centralized vendor record.

Why OneTrust Pro?

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

Flexible Pricing Options

Use the tools you want and never pay for what you don’t need

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

Faster Time to Value

Get started in hours, not weeks with quick-start deployments and in-app wizards

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

Customizable Solution

Scale functionality to fit your company’s use case and compliance program maturity

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

Intuitive User Interface

Work faster with easy-to-learn software that’s focused on user experience

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

Powerful Training Tools

Access self-service training, so you get the help you need when you need it

Privacy and security compliance for small businesses - OneTrust Pro

Multilingual Capabilities

Support your global teams and enable employees to work in the languages they know best

OneTrust continues to shape not only the year, but the market.

Ryan O’Leary, Analyst IDC

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